Observation deck

Welcome to the St. Michael’s church tower with Hamburg’s most impressive view! The eye-catching tower is an unmistakable landmark. For seamen, it was the first landmark in their hometown to greet them, whilst the sight of St. Michael’s warms the heart of most Hamburg residents when they return home after their journey.

But, of course, St. Michael’s can both be seen and heard. High above you, four church bells reliably set the pace for the city.

For round 350 years, the St. Michael’s tower trumpeter has played a chorale in every cardinal direction every morning at 10 a.m. and every evening at 9 p.m.: to honour God and bring joy to the people. (Türmerchoral) The tower wardens used to live here in the church tower. Their responsibilities included sounding the alarm to warn of danger and regularly ringing the bells.