The church tower makes St. Michael’s highly visible in Hamburg. At 132 metres tall, it’s part of the city skyline and an unmistakable iconic landmark. On its open observation deck, the sky is so near you can almost touch it, and you can enjoy the extensive view of the city. Whilst the lift whisks you to the top in no time, a walk up the stairs is well worthwhile, allowing you to explore the tower interior.

The church bells in the tower not only call people to prayer, but also set the pace for the city – just like the large tower clock, which is visible from afar. The St. Michael’s tower warden plays his chorale here in the morning and evening, as the wind carries the melody in every direction.

The St. Michael’s tower has caught fire twice, destroying the entire church each time. And the people of Hamburg built it again both times: their St. Michael’s, their sanctuary.