Hauptpastor Alexander Röder

Senior Pastor Alexander Röder

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Hauptkirche St. Michaelis
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Senior Pastor Alexander Röder

Born (1960) and raised in Hamburg, Alexander Röder studied Theology at the University of Hamburg following a year abroad in the United States.

After his internship at St. Johann’s (Hamburg-Eppendorf), he was ordained in 1990 and in the same year received a special position as pastor at St. Jacob’s in Hamburg, with a focus on eduction in church art and architecture as well as missions.

In 2001, Alexander Röder took over management of Religious Art Services at North Elbian Church, before moving to Kiel to become Representative of Services and Church Music at the North Elbian Church office.

In June 2005, the synod of the Alt-Hamburg church district elected him Senior Pastor at St. Michael’s. His new responsibilities included pastoral leadership at St. Michael’s and representing the church in the media and the general public.

In addition to his varied committee work at St. Michael’s, Senior Pastor Röder is a member of the Liturgical Conference, the Art and Church Foundation of North Elbian Church, the Community of Hamburg Main Churches and the Church Music Committee of the Hamburg-Ost church district.

He became a Knight of Honour in the Order of Saint John in 2011.


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Hauptkirche St. Michaelis zu Hamburg
Englische Planke 1
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