Pastor Julia Atze

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Pastor Julia Atze

Julia Atze was born in Hamburg in 1972 and grew up in the city. After spending a school year in the United States and completing her school-leaving certificate in Hamburg, she studied Evangelical Theology in Hamburg and Marburg.

Following her initial theological exams in 1999, she received a scholarship from the North Elbian Missions Centre and spent half a year in Léon, Nicaragua.

After spending two years in Vienna and her internship at the Thomas Church Parish in Hamburg-Hausbruch, Neuwiedenthal and Altenwerder, she was ordained at St. Michael’s in 2005.

In 2005, she was offered her first position as a pastor in Hamburg-Stellingen, where she was the primary person responsible for work with children, young adults and families.

In February 2013, she started her services as pastor at St. Michael’s. Her work here also focuses on children and young adults.

Julia Atze is married to theologian Dr Stefan Atze and has two sons.


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